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About Us

Chase Harvill Training Centre opened their doors on January 15, 1999, in Magnolia, Texas, about Forty-five minutes North of Houston, Texas. Forty-eight stalls and Fifty acres make up the beautiful facility that is situated amongst a beautiful wooded landscape. The farm is designed to be very trainer and horse friendly. The main barn is designed with an aisle way made for riding with two small arenas on each end. In 2005, we added a 100′ x 200′ foot covered arena to the farm so that our clients could have the convenience of riding all year round and allow them every advantage to perfect and fine tune their riding.0440-067 harvill web

The Harvills are proud of the excellent family atmosphere here at the farm and regardless if a new client or a seasoned client is showing, everyone at the farm is extremely supportive.

Here at Chase Harvill Training Centre, we pride ourselves on the quality of care and training that each horse receives every every day. Since 1999, the horses from the Chase Harvill Training program have garnered U.S. National, Canadian National, Scottsdale, Regional, and Class A Championships.

Chase Harvill and Bailey Ballard are the trainers at Chase Harvill Training Centre – both bring forth incredible work ethic and innate horse sense, treating each horse as an individual. While the farms main focus is on the English divisions (English, Country, Show Hack, and Park), all disciplines are welcomed at CHTC. In fact, some of our clients most notable wins have been in a variety of disciplines – from Western Pleasure to the Hunter divisions.

Being located in the South Central United States allows Chase Harvill Training Center the advantage of having the ability to attend a wide variety of horse shows throughout the year across the country. With the farms’ central location, we are within a days commute to Scottsdale, Arizona, U.S. Nationals in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Regions 9, 11, 12, and 14. We have a very successful amateur program and are proud of the accomplishments of our riders.

We welcome your inquiries on any of the services and programs we offer here at Chase Harvill Training Centre and also invite your sales questions on any of the horses we proudly offer for your consideration.

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